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Marketing In The 21st Century
Marketing in the 21st century has changed. With access to the internet via tablets and smartphones, consumers can easily comparison shop to decide where to take their business. When it comes to fulfilling their needs, they want to work with the best people in your area of expertise. To identify who, that person is they go online to see what others have to say about you.

What they quickly discover is that you and your competitors all have websites that try to impress them with your philosophy and qualifications. You all have reviews that say you are a good person to work with. But there's very little that distinguishes one person in your business area of expertise from another.

This is where being a co-author of a book that identifies you as a leading individual in your industry and separates you from your competition. The public automatically attributes superior knowledge and expertise to anyone who has written a book. They also set an author on a pedestal, viewing them as having celebrity-authority status. In other words, all things being fairly equal, being a co-author of this book clearly puts you at the top of all your competitors.

As a co-author of this book, you will discover three universal benefits. It establishes trust in you with your clients, so they are more likely to agree to your recommendations. Authors can charge more for their services, and they attract more new customers.

We feel this book will be an incredible asset for the public and the co-authors. In fact, I believe that next to being on Oprah, being recognized as one of the leading women in your community in an Amazon Best Selling book is the most powerful marketing tool there is.

Time Commitment
The time commitment is a 1-hour interview and that you review the chapter we write from your interview, add anything that you feel is appropriate to make the chapter perfect.

All the Royalties go to charity (For this book it goes to - Will Play For Food Foundation. This foundation is working to eliminate child hunger in the United States, and for every book that is sold it will provide 210 meals for children in the U.S. Their website is http://www.willplayforfoodfoundation.org/ ). Therefore, our business model is one where each of the co-authors pays to be part of the book. Unlike other marketing strategies that require ongoing payments, that is not the case to be part of this book. You pay once, and it works as one of the most powerful marketing tools for the next 15 years.

Your investment to become a co-author of this book:

  • You pay $3,000 ($1,500 up front and $1,500 after the book is published)

Author's copies of the book are based on the number of pages and are extremly low cost regardless if you purchase 1 or 100. We offer print on demand, so there isn't a minimum order requirement for the books you purchase as part of your marketing effort. For the public, the retail price of the book will be $24.95, and as I mentioned, all the royalties will go to charity.

Executive Summary
You can download our full executive summary on the project in PDF format here:(Right-click link...Save as)

What To Do Next
The next step is to get back to me about your participation in this project or with any questions you might have regarding this book.

(Usually the fastest way to get a hold of me is to send me an email that says - "count me in".)

To talk to Randy Van Ittersum or Jack Stevens about becoming one of our co-authors, contact Randy by email or Jack by phone:


Direct Line: 616-422-5096 (Jack Stevens)

If you want to become a co-author of this book and separate yourself from your competition, don't wait. Once we have 12 attorneys for this book, the opportunity will be closed out.